September 14, 2016

REGISTRATION CLOSED                                                                             

Welcome to the 7th Annual NEW.Mech Conference!

NEW.Mech is a one-day workshop that aims to bring together the New England Mechanics community with an interest in exploring new directions on the mechanics of materials and structures and share the latest advancements in the field.

Harvard SEAS is glad to be hosting the conference on October 22, 2016. As in previous years,  we will have  extended talks from our three guest speakers, selected short talks (limited to 3 minutes) and "Gallery of Mechanics". Additionally, this year we are introducing a space to bring and display  your own demo, called the BYOD (Bring Your Own Demo) Arena.

This year's invited guests speakers are:
James R. Rice, Professor of Engineering Sciences and Geophysics (Harvard University)
Lorna Gibson, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (MIT)
Ryan Hayward, Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering (UMass Amherst)

New.Mech 2016 is generously sponsored by: