Demo Titles

Rashed Al-Rashed - MIT

"Wrinkling pf pre-stressed elastic bilayer shells"

Through fabrication of pre-stressed bilayer shells, we can visually explore a variety of two-dimensional structures including ridges, folds, wrinkles, and creases.

Changyeob Baek - MIT

"Hemispherical Gridshell"

Form-finding through buckling in elastic gridshells

Fionnuala Connolly - Harvard University 

"Designing fluid-powered fiber-reinforced soft actuators"

Levi Dudte - Harvard University

"Laser-cut and hand-folded curved Miura models"

Laser-cut and hand-folded curved Miura-ori models approximate surfaces of varied curvature

Anna Lee - MIT

"Fabrication of thin elastic shells by the coating of curved surface"

We present the rapid fabrication of hemispherical elastic shells by coating a curved surface with a polymer solution that yields a nearly uniform shell, upon polymerization of the resulting thin film.

Shaoting Lin - MIT

"Visualization of fringe instability; Ultra-robust hydrogel-elastomer"

We will provide two set of demos. One demos is the real sample to show the formation of fringe instabilities while the others showing the robust artificial skin made of hydrogel and elastomer with high interfacial bonding.

Francisco Lopez Jimenez - MIT

"Soft materials for optical applications"

Bulging and subsequent wrinkling of elastomer bilayers.

Joel Marthelot - MIT

"Reversible patterning of spherical shells through constrained buckling"

Michael McCarron - Boston University

"Controlled Motion from Kirigami"

Linear stage used to apply tension to (10cm by 20cm) polymer sheets containing cuts to highlight the different types of motion that can be generated from unique cut patterns in thin membranes. Total size will be ~1-2 (ft^2)

Anirban Pal - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"Mechanically-interlocked flexible behavior of itacolumite"

Here we illustrate itacolumite, also known as the flexible sandstone, which is a naturally occurring topologically interlocked material. We investigate its mechanical properties using a 2D model comprising random cracks, at the percolation threshold.

Ahmad Rafsanjani - Harvard University

We introduce a new class of switchable architected materials exhibiting simultaneous negative Poisson’s ratio and structural bistability. Participants can play (gently) with bistable auxetic samples created by laser cutting various patterns into rubber sheets.

Emily Tow - MIT

"Fun with alginate gel"

Participants can play with alginate hydrogel samples, try to cause gel swelling by dipping in different salt solutions, and watch videos of synthetic biofilm removal from reverse osmosis desalination membranes via a swelling/wrinkling instability.