Venue Information

Parking Information

Paking cannot be bought on the day of the event and spaces are limited. Please buy it as soon as possible! Street/public parking will be very limited due to the Head of the Charles ragatta. 

Parking can be purchased on the following link:

To purchase the visitor permit, please follow the following steps:
> Press Visitor 
> Create a Registration
> Fill out the Login Information and Personal Profile sections
> For department, choose: Visitor to Campus
> For the department code type: 7700
> You will receive an email confirmation with further directions on purchasing the pass
> Choose the '52 Oxford Lot' when purchasing the pass, alternatively, you can also purchase spots at a lot down the road at '10 Everrett Street' Garage' or 'SEAS - Pierce Hall'


This year the conference will be held at the state of the art, LEED Certified Northwest Science Building. The construction of this building was completed in 2008 to accommodate the university's growing effort in expanding laboratory and teaching space for the the fields of engineering and sciences. This building alone hosts over 530,000 ft2 of lab, classroom and office space for the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as well as the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.  

The building is registered at the address of:

52 Oxford Street 
Cambridge, MA 02138


The conference is organized by the Bertoldi Group and the Rycroft Group.

Northwest Building Map