Lorna J. Gibson

Prof. Lorna J. Gibson

Matoula S. Salapatas Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Lorna J. Gibson


Professor Lorna Gibson studies the mechanical behavior of materials, specializing in materials with a cellular structure, such as engineering honeycombs and foams, scaffolds for regenerative engineering, and natural materials such as wood, bamboo and plant leaves and stems. She is the co-author of Cellular Solids: Structure and Properties (with MF Ashby), Metal Foams: A Design Guide, (with MF Ashby, AG Evans, NA Fleck, JW Hutchinson and HNG Wadley) and Cellular Materials in Nature and Medicine (with MF Ashby and BA Harley).


Title: Structure and Mechanics of Bamboo

Abstract: Bamboo is an abundant, sustainable resource. Traditional bamboo structures use entire culms for framing and woven mats for paneling. Recently, there has been increasing interest in structural bamboo products, engineered materials analogous to wood products such as plywood, oriented strand board and glue-laminated timber. The use of structural bamboo products is limited by lack of material property data and appropriate building codes. In this talk, the
structure and mechanical properties of Moso bamboo, the most commercially important species in China, are described. Models, based on composites and cellular solids, give a good description of the data for the compressive and flexural properties. The flexural properties of Moso bamboo are also compared
with those of two other commercially important species: Guadua, grown in South America, and Tre Gai, from Vietnam. A model for Moso bamboo OSB,
based on a model of wood OSB, available in the literature, is then described; the model gives a good description of the Young's modulus of Moso bamboo OSB.



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